Preparation begins for Janakpur-Ayodhya flight

Kathmandu: Preparations have started for the operation of air service between Janakpur of Nepal and Ayodhya of India.

Private airline company Buddha Air has sought permission from the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation and the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to connect the two cities.

The company believes that permission will be granted to fly to Ayodhya as Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is also interested in the Ayodhya flight. India is building a Ram temple in Ayodhya, Janakpur is Sita’s hometown.

The company had earlier been flying directly from Kathmandu to Vanaras. The flight of this route was canceled due to lockdown and ban. Earlier, Buddha had even embarked on a flight to Calcutta. The expected success on this route was not achieved. However, the company expects to get enough passengers on the Janakpur-Ayodhya flight.

According to Buddha Air, the flight from Janakpur to Ayodhya will be 50 minutes long. The company has stated that flights will be operated on this route in the near future as internal preparations have started and work is underway to upgrade the domestic airport in Ayodhya to international standard.

Janakpur is also an important part of the Ramayana circuit built by India. The company says that this will also make it easier to serve Indian and Nepali tourists.