Pre-monsoon begins from today

representative photo

Kathmandu: The pre-monsoon season has started from today.

The pre-monsoon has started immediately after the end of the winter season.

Meteorologists said the pre-monsoon season will last for three months from March 1. March, April and May are the pre-monsoon seasons. Then the monsoon begins.

During the pre-monsoon, there is a lot of wind in the afternoon and evening. Meteorologist Nirajan Sapkota said that even though the activities did not start within a day or two of the onset of pre-monsoon.

According to him, especially during this season, there are many fire incidents. Also, the risk of human casualties remains the same as there will be thunderstorms and thunderstorms this season.

In the pre-monsoon, there is hail and wind. In terms of season, this winter is over. The three months of December, January and February are considered winter. There is very little water this winter.