Prachanda-Nepal Group in the Election Commission with the signatures of 287 members

Kathmandu: The Prachanda-Nepal faction of the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) has registered a letter with the signatures of the majority central members at the Election Commission.

Leaders including Lilamani Pokhrel and Surendra Pandey reached the Election Commission and handed over the signatures of the majority members. The letter submitted to the commission has the signatures of 287 people, three people have sent letters saying they could not attend and 15 people have expressed their support even though they could not attend due to various reasons.

The number of central members supporting the Prachanda-Nepal group will reach 305. Which is the majority of the 441 members registered with the Election Commission.

The Oli faction of the CPN (Maoist) has already registered the details of the 1,199-member committee with the commission on Tuesday.

The Oli group claims to have less than 120 members

The Prachanda-Nepal faction has claimed that the Oli faction has less than 120 central members.