Political shift: Nepali Congress shifts to opposition bench as CPN-UML assumes key position in house seating

Kathmandu: In a significant development following the recent political changes, the seating arrangement within the House of Representatives has been reshuffled. The Nepali Congress has transitioned to the main opposition bench, marking a notable shift, while the CPN-UML has assumed its place among the ruling party ranks.

According to the latest update from the Parliament Secretariat, Thursday’s session of the House of Representatives saw the CPN-UML, CPN (Maoist Center), Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), Janata Samajwadi Party (JSP), CPN (Unified Socialist), and Nagarik Unmukti Party occupying the benches designated for ruling parties.

A total of 157 Members of Parliament were present on the ruling bench, comprising 78 from UML, 32 from CPN (Maoist Center), 21 from RSP, 12 from JSP, 10 from CPN (Unified Socialist) Party, and 4 from Nagarik Unmukti Party.