Political drama will begin if the parliament is restored: Prime Minister

File Photo Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli addressing a public meeting organized by the Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) on Friday, February 5, 2021. Photo Courtesy: Chandrakala Chhetri, Rastriya Samachar Samiti

Kanchanpur (Rastriya Samachar Samiti): Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that if the House of Representatives is reconstituted, the political drama will begin. Laying the foundation stone of Daiji-Chhela Industrial Area in Bedkot Municipality-2, he said that he would continue his nation building campaign. He said that some people were anxious to end politics after the country went to the polls.

“The democratic movement to build the country continues,” he said. Explaining that he did not threaten the court, he said that he believed in the principle of separation of courts and power.

Mentioning that the need of the hour is education, health and housing, he said that the children of the village would be educated in the village using computers and internet just like the children of the city. He said that as West Seti is a project of national pride, it will be easy to supply electricity to industries in the far west by generating enough electricity.

He said that some elements tried to politicize the Bhagarathi Bhatt assassination but it was not successful. He said, “Police have arrested the culprit after investigation. I also instruct the administration to investigate and make public the killer of Nirmala Pant of Kanchanpur. PM Oli said that the development work of the country would move forward only if the people could be freed from problems.

Minister for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Lekhraj Bhatta said that there was a lot of corruption in the cantonment during the management of the combatants. He said that the report was torn so that it would not be spread among the combatants. He also informed that the process of creating an industrial zone has been started from the far west.

Minister for Forest and Environment Prem Ale said that the government has allocated Rs. 930 million to move the work of Mahakali Corridor forward. He informed that a decision would be taken at the cabinet meeting to complete the work of the corridor. He said that a powerful commission would be formed to solve the problem of people displaced from Shuklaphanta National Park for years.

Minister for Labor and Employment Gauri Shankar Chaudhary said that the door of development was open from the west, adding that the establishment of an industrial zone would help in economic prosperity.

Minister for Federal Affairs and General Development Ganesh Singh Thagunna said that there was no plan to be proud of before the coming of the government led by PM Oli, adding that plans including Geta Medical College and Dhangadhi Airport have been taken forward today.

Minister of State for Industry, Commerce and Supplies Vimala BK said the current government has set a record by laying the foundation stone of 396 hospitals simultaneously. She mentioned that the work of prosperity has been carried forward not only by words but also by work.

Chairman of the Industrial Area Management Limited Nanda Kishore Basnet said that the construction of infrastructure in the industrial area would be completed within five years. He informed that electricity, road infrastructure and land would be provided to the industry.

He said that the master plan of the industry has been worked out. He informed that the land would be made available for the industry within six months. He said that 50,000 people will be directly employed after the establishment of the industry.

He informed that the work will start from tomorrow. He informed that the way has been opened for the establishment of 100 industries on 400 bighas of land in the first phase. He said that applications for the industry would be called for within a month and land would be made available within six months.

Chairman Basnet informed that the process of cutting down 4,000 trees in the area would be taken forward soon. He said that despite the number of trees being cut down, the number of saplings was high and the number of annual trees was around 500. He informed that an industry has been allotted five to five bighas of land. He said, “Industries that ensure employment and offer work will be provided with roads, electricity, water and other facilities.”