Police public 12 people involved in sending Nepali citizens in Russian Military illegally

Kathmandu: The controversy surrounding the alleged sending of 12 Nepali youths to the Russian military has been made public by the police on Wednesday.

Following accusations of sending Nepali youths abroad after the Russia-Ukraine conflict, those detained have been identified and disclosed at a press conference held at the District Police Office in Kathmandu.

Among those detained, preliminary investigations have revealed that Hari Bahadur Vishwakarma, Sujata Dahal, and Ishwari Adhikari are key figures. According to SSP Bhoopendra Bahadur Khatri, Chief of the District Police Office, Kathmandu, Vishwakarma had sent 18 individuals earlier and was planning to send another 11.

The police have informed that Sujata Dahal, operating a consultancy, sent five individuals, and the police have informed six individuals from Ishwari Adhikari’s office were planning to leave for Russia.

In a press conference organized at the District Police Office, it was disclosed that the number of Nepali youths being sent to Russia could be substantial. According to SSP Khatri, an internal investigation has been initiated on this matter.
Police have also revealed that a total of NPR 1,418,500 and 27 passports were seized during the raids conducted at Sujata Dahal’s office. Similarly, information provided by the police indicates that NPR 1,342,000 and 16 passports were confiscated from Ishwari Adhikari’s office.

In response to this revelation, the police have started the process of legal action against the accused. The detained individuals have been identified as Dipen Pariyar, Kshitij Giri, Subhash Lama, Manish Nyupane, Rojal Maharjan, Haribahadur Vishwakarma, Ishwari Adhikari, Gokarna Aryal, Sujata Dahal, Santosh Adhikari, Santosh Nepal, and Dron Dangi.

The incident has sparked concerns, and investigations are ongoing to determine the extent of Nepali youths being sent to the Russian military. The police have urged the public to remain vigilant about potential illegal activities involving recruitment or sending individuals abroad for military service.