Police arrests individual involved in online gambling with a business worth approximately two crore rupees

Kathmandu: The police have arrested an individual engaged in online gambling, along with a business estimated to be worth around two crores.

The arrested individual is Akash Regmi from Ward 7 of Kageshwari Manohara Municipality in Kathmandu.

Authorities revealed that Regmi was involved in online gambling and casino games, winning money through online betting.

The police conveyed that Regmi, who had engaged in betting with a mix of wins and losses, was taken into custody following a raid at his residence in Kathmandu on Monday.

Based on specific information, the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police Crime Investigation Division carried out the operation, seizing materials related to online gambling, including devices used for playing.

The Kathmandu Police’s Crime Investigation Unit disclosed that Regmi had been operating an illegal online gambling business from his home.

During the raid, authorities confiscated NPR 2 lakh 24 thousand and 300 US dollars, an iPhone, a laptop, and other related materials.
The police informed that Regmi maintained monthly financial records in various accounts and had a system on his mobile phone for conducting online gambling transactions.

Further investigations are ongoing to uncover the full extent of Regmi’s involvement in the illicit online gambling activities.