PM’s requests to be careful as corona infection increasing in India

File Photo Photo Courtesy: RSS

Kathmandu: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the risk of covid-19 infection has increased and urged to take precaution.

Addressing the 70th Annual General Meeting of the Nepal Chamber of Commerce, Prime Minister Oli urged to be vigilant as the rate of covid infection has been increasing in India recently and the risk has also increased in Nepal due to open borders.

He said that if precaution is not taken now, people’s lives may be disrupted and everyone should take precautionary measures. He said that covid infection can be avoided by maintaining physical distance, wearing masks and washing hands and face.

He said, ‘I want to say in the context of Covid-19. If we are not careful, we will not stop our public life, but we may be forced to stop. From now on we have to be careful, keep distance, wear masks. Let’s not give a chance to covid-19. I have said that when we return from here, we should all wash our hands thoroughly. ‘

Prime Minister Oli also said that covid infection can be avoided by making a habit of steaming hot water and rinsing with salt water. He said that the safest method is to take precaution as the vaccine against COVID-19 does not work 100 percent.

He said, ‘Let’s clean the nose by taking a little hot water and taking a vein. The first thing to do is to sit on the nose and chat after the corona is thrown from there. Squeeze salt water and boil two mango leaves if possible. Let’s gossip a lot. It is very safe to take steam from the lungs.

“Some people have suggested that we talk about covid,” he said, adding that he had spoken out against Kovid because he could not control covid.

On another occasion, Prime Minister Oli said that the one-stop system has been implemented in the services provided by the government to the industries and businesses.

He also expressed his commitment to simplifying the system by resolving the procedural hurdles. He said, ‘Bureaucratic hurdles, these bureaucratic hurdles are part of the process. Simplify it too. In this, we need to rethink a little bit about the system, a little bit about the process. It is not possible to blame only the person. ‘