PM Dahal discusses reopening of Hetauda Textile Industry with Nepali Army

Kathmandu: In a high-level discussion at the Prime Minister’s office in Singhadarbar, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda explored the possibility of reopening the Hetauda Textile Industry in collaboration with the Nepali Army. This discussion follows the recent focus on reviving the textile industry in Hetauda, which has remained closed since 2032 B.S.

The Nepali Army conducted a comprehensive study on the feasibility of restarting the textile industry, which had ceased operations due to factors such as weak market management, inadequate technological upgrades, power shortages, and a lack of skilled manpower. The study has been presented to the government for consideration.

The Hetauda Textile Industry, established in 2032 B.S., initially thrived with financial and technical support from the Chinese government. However, it faced challenges leading to its closure, including poor market conditions, the inability to adapt to technological advancements, and a shortage of electricity. The industry’s shutdown not only impacted the local economy but also resulted in unemployment.

The study conducted by the Nepali Army highlights potential solutions, including improved market management, technological upgrades, addressing power shortages, and enhancing local production demand. The report indicates that the revival of the textile industry could be facilitated by factors such as abundant raw materials within the country, ownership of 166.66 ropanis (8.5 hectares) of land by the industry, the minimum prerequisite infrastructure, and an increasing demand for local products.

The Prime Minister has expressed his interest in evaluating the possibilities outlined in the study and finding ways to revitalize the Hetauda Textile Industry, potentially involving the Nepali Army in the process. The government aims to address the challenges faced by the industry and create a conducive environment for its sustainable operation.

The Hetauda Textile Industry played a significant role in Nepal’s economic landscape before its closure. The government’s consideration of reopening the industry in collaboration with the Nepali Army reflects a strategic approach to revive a crucial sector and stimulate local economic growth.