People should be responsible in current situation: former President Yadav

Kathmandu: Former President Ram Baran Yadav has said that a solution to the current problem would be possible if all were united.

At a function organized by the Tej-Tirtha Trust established in 2015 in Kathmandu today, former President Yadav stressed on the need for all to fulfill their duties. He said that the country would be better only if everyone realized their responsibility.

Stating that the responsibility of maintaining the current structure has fallen on the shoulders of the people, he called on all to play their role.

“Everyone has faith in the court. I am also hopeful that justice will be done,” said Yadav. Stating that BP’s policy of reconciliation is still important, Yadav said that the policy of reconciliation was essential at a time when the national situation was deteriorating.

Expressing concern that the current situation of the opposition is weak, he said that the party will remain a pillar in democracy. “In the current situation, the people should be responsible, the party should be more responsible,” said Yadav. Stressing on the need for a healthy foreign policy, he said such a policy was also needed to safeguard the nation.