Passengers returning from abroad bring illegal gold: DOC

Kathmandu: Department of Customs (DoC) has stated that illegal gold are being imported in Nepal through passengers returning from abroad for who were migrated for foreign employment and other work.

The department published a notice on Sunday stating that gold was being hidden in flashlights, irons, mixers, radios, speakers and water pumps without the knowledge of the passengers coming to Nepal from abroad. The department also said that innocent passengers were trapped when they requested to deliver such luggage to their relatives.

The department has also requested all passengers not to carry illegal goods unless it is ensured that illegal items are hidden in the goods given by any acquaintance or stranger. The department has reminded the government about the order regarding personal use of goods that passengers can bring and take with them and urged all passengers not to bring more than that.

According to the department, the passengers have been carrying these items from abroad and have stated that they are not aware of the law.