Only 14.4 percent development expenditure in six months

Kathmandu: In the six-month period from July to December, the government has spent only 14.4 percent on capital.

The target for capital expenditure in the current Fiscal Year is Rs. 352.91 billion. However, capital expenditure alone stood at Rs. 50.81 billion by mid-December(Wednesday).

This is Rs 13 billion less than the same period last year. In the first six months of the last fiscal year, capital expenditure was Rs. 63.14 billion. Even that year, only 15.48 percent of the target was achieved.

Generally, the first six months are considered by government agencies as a time of preparation and contract management. That is why the Ministry of Finance has been saying that there is no progress in capital expenditure.

Current expenditure has not decreased in the last six months. A total of Rs. 342.35 billion has been spent on recurrent expenditure during this period. This amount is 36.08 percent of the target. The government has set a target of Rs. 948.94 billion for recurrent expenditure this fiscal year. In the first six months, total government expenditure reached 28.19 percent.

During this period, progress towards financial management has been 13.06 percent. Expenditure on financial management has been Rs. 22.57 billion in the last six months.