Oli proposes to hand over leadership to the new generation

Photo Courtesy: Office of the Prime Minister

Kathmandu: Prime Minister and CPN Chairman KP Sharma Oli has proposed to hand over the leadership to the new generation.

He has even questioned whether Prachanda would be ready for it or not.

Oli’s proposal to respond in writing to Prachanda’s earlier proposal states, “I would like to make an open call today – let’s start this process of sacrifice today!” Let the comrades who have repeatedly led the government and the party no longer take responsibility and announce that it will be handed over to the new generation! I am ready to make this document a formal instrument of transfer of responsibility to my chairman! Are you ready?

Stating that he has already informed the Standing Committee meeting that he will not be in charge of the chairperson from the upcoming general convention and will not become the prime minister after the upcoming election, he has also warned Prachanda not to manipulate the change of leadership.

‘What more could I want? But I have a serious question in my mind – why leave the path of easy leadership transfer and selection from the General Convention to be held four months later and change the leadership all the time? ‘, Oli said, General elections will be held in next two years. I am confident that the victory journey of the CPN will continue. Then the search for new leadership will begin. Have the comrades lost faith in the future of the CPN after two years? If not here’s a new product just for you! If we stop seeing the future of the CPN in the general convention to be held in four months and in the elections to be held in two years, where is the morality of leading millions of cadres?

Oli has denied allegations that Prachanda accused him of being an ‘individualist’, ‘factionalist’ and ‘monopolistic’. He also expressed dissatisfaction over Prachanda’s allegations of ‘encouraging and protecting corruption’, ‘damaging the country by showing incompetence in foreign affairs and diplomacy’, ‘anti-federalism’ and other criminal offenses.

‘Sometimes I wonder myself, what kind of contagious disease is this in the communist movement, which makes even the slightest disagreement forcibly bitter, hostile and hostile? These are so apolitical allegations, which I find it difficult to mention here. I categorically reject all these allegations,” Oli added.