NYC Mayor Adams promises ‘new weapons’ in fight against latest COVID surge

New York City Mayor Eric Adams speaking at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday, July 7, 2022. Photo Courtesy: NYC Mayor's Office via New York Daily News

(New York Daily News): New York State Mayor Adams vowed Thursday to replace his administration’s color-coded coronavirus alert system with a set of “new weapons” in the face of yet another wave of COVID cases descending upon New York City.

Speaking at Brooklyn’s Maimonides Hospital, a COVID-19 epicenter in the early days of the pandemic, Adams said the color-coded system is not effective against the city’s current surge in infections.

Adams did not elaborate on what shape the “new weapons” will take or how soon to expect them.

Adams launched the now-rescinded color-coded system in March, arguing it would help the city quickly know what to do in the event of future coronavirus outbreaks.

Based on detailed infection and hospitalization thresholds, the system had four different risk tiers — low, medium, high and very high — and each category came with a set of recommendations for what individuals and the city government should consider doing to fight back.

Last week, the administration removed the guidance altogether from its Health Department website and replaced it with a note saying: “We are re-evaluating the city’s COVID Alert system. Check back here for updates in the coming weeks.”