Number of travelers traveling Gosainkunda on chopper increase

Photo Courtesy: RSS

Rasuwa (Rashtriya Samachar Samiti): The number of people reaching the holy shrine Gosainkunda in the upper part of Rasuwa by helicopter is increasing.

Gosainkunda has religious significance as a must visit place even once in a lifetime. As it is difficult to walk uphill, most of the passengers have recently opted for helicopter to go to Gosainkunda for ease of travel.

Local hoteliers say that the number of devotees visiting Gosainkunda by helicopter is increasing. Gosainkunda is located at an altitude of 4,380 meters above sea level.

When walking to Gosainkunda, especially from Lauribinayak to Kunda, the chances of facing high altitude sickness is high. As it takes three or four days to get there and the cost of foot and air travel is about the same, the next generation of passengers have started focusing on helicopters.

Helicopters reach Gosainkunda in 26 minutes from Kathmandu Airport. Gives more than half an hour for darshan.

According to the service provider, many senior citizens have visited Gosainkunda as this facility is useful even for the senior citizens who cannot reach the pilgrimage on foot.

Helicopter companies including Simrik, Altitude, Fistel, Dynastic, Kailash, Mountain, Manang and Prabhu are providing services for Gosainkunda Darshan.

Raju KC, a teacher at Jana Udwar H.S. School in Sitapaila, Kathmandu, said that the high mountains, the waterfalls, the green forest and the lake make the journey attractive while visiting Gosainkunda.

According to teacher KC, the journey has become more enjoyable as the helicopter landed at Gosainkunda and after seeing Lord Shiva, one gets the feeling of bliss.

According to priest Tanka Prasad Dhakal, it is customary to light a lamp by placing cow’s ghee on a copper lamp, burning incense with camphor, basah and trident, coconut with jata and wearing yellow cloth with barley, sesame, saffron, bel leaves and flowers.

Even though 20,000 devotees visit the area every year on foot to attend the special fair held on the occasion of Dashain and Janapurnima festivals, the attraction of air travel has increased since the last corona pandemic.

It is believed that after taking a dip in the Gosainkunda shrine in Gosainkunda Rural Municipality -5 of Rasuwa district, the ailments of the body will be removed and new thoughts will come after fulfilling the aspirations and happiness and peace will increase in the family.

Due to heavy snowfall in January, February and March, the scenery of this region is very beautiful. Devotees have been requested to refrain from such activities as they were found walking in the holy pool where God resides when the snow was frozen in the pond.