Number of Demat accounts exceeds 3 mn

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Kathmandu: The number of demat accounts has exceeded 3 million.

Lately, the public’s interest in the stock market has been increasing. Especially after the IPO of Nepal Infrastructure Bank, the public’s interest in the market has skyrocketed. According to CDS and Clearing Limited, which has a complete audit of share transactions, the number of demat accounts has reached 3 million 41 million 6 hundred 98 as of Wednesday.

A demat account is mandatory to enter the share market. Depositing share certificates and other securities by opening an account with a bank is called dematerialization or dematerialization of shares.

Such an account is also called a beneficiary account. After dematerializing your physical share certificate, you do not need the share certificate paper, it is in the demat account with the bank. In general, a demat account is a depository account. Money is deposited in the bank account and shares are deposited in the demat account.

Although the number of demat account holders exceeds 3 million, the number of people trading in the daily market is very low. At present, the number of investors doing daily trading is around 400,000, according to the Nepal Stock Exchange.

As far as IPO applicants are concerned, only 1.6 million people have applied for IPO so far.