Number of 4G users in Nepal crosses 5.5 million

Kathmandu: The number of fourth generation (4G) users in Nepal has exceeded 5.5 million. According to the MIS report released by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) last August, the number of 4G subscribers in Nepal alone has reached 5.516 million.
According to the NTA report, most of the 4G customers are from the private sector telecom service provider Ncell. As of last August, the number of customers using Ncell’s 4G service was 3.729 million, according to the report.
Similarly, the number of customers using government-owned telecom service provider Nepal Telecom’s 4G service has reached 1,64,456. Also, the number of 4G customers of Smart Telecom, the third largest telecom service provider in Nepal, is the lowest at 182,545.
At present, the number of broadband internet users in Nepal has reached 228.79 million. Of these, Internet service providers have provided broadband to a population of about 4.8 million, but in other places, telecom service providers have been providing broadband services through various means.
So far, Nepal Telecom has provided its broadband service to 11.417 million people including FTTH, ADSL, 3G and 4G. In addition, Ncell has extended the service to 6.5 million people.
Similarly, the number of voice service users in Nepal has reached 37.64 million so far, according to the NEA report. According to the report, the number of voice users of Nepal Telecom has reached 21.49 million. Also, the number of customers using voice service of Ncell, the second largest service provider, has reached 15.33 million.