NTB announce winners of festival photo contest

Children enjoying traditional swing during Dashain. The photo was clicked by Mithun Kunwar for NTB's festival photo contest. Photo courtesy: Nepal Tourism Board

Kathmandu: Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) has announced five best photos selected for the festival photo contest.

In order to promote Nepali festivals, NTB had organized the festival photo contest via the photo Nepal campaign of the board. Among the total 687 photos received by the NTB, five photos clicked by Mithun Kunwar, Aman Shahi, Umesh Sthaipit, Robik Upadhyay and Shamde Sherpa have been selected as the five best photos.

All five winners will receive Rs 10,000 for each cash prize. For the last five years, NTB has been organizing a photo Nepal campaign to promote the country’s tourism destination. The selected photos can be visited on the official website of photonepal


Selected photos:

Children enjoying traditional swing during Dashain festival. Photo by Mithun Kunwar.
A photo clicked by Aman Shahi during Indra Jatra Festival
A photo clicked by Umesh Sthapit during Hadigau Jatra
Majipa Lakhe Dance. Photo by Robik Upadhyay
Tilji festival of Sherpa community. Photo by Shamde Sherpa