New regulations prohibit use of foreign artists in public advertisements

Kathmandu: In a recent discussion program organized by the Advertisement Board on the ‘Role of Artists in Advertising,’ Chairman Laxman Humagain revealed that foreign artists are now prohibited from being featured in billboards displayed in public spaces and advertisements circulated in the media.

Chairman Humagain highlighted the regulatory framework established after the enactment of the Advertising Regulation Act in 2019, asserting that it has brought better control and management to the advertising sector.
The chairman emphasized the encouragement of using local artists in advertisements and clarified that the utilization of foreign artists is not permitted in hoardings placed in public areas and advertisements published or broadcasted in the media.

To enforce these regulations, the Advertisement Board has issued the regulation governing advertisements (first amendment, 2080 BS) and the code of conduct related to advertisement production, distribution, publication, and broadcasting, implemented in 2079 BS.

The code of conduct emphasizes that advertisements should adhere to gender and consumer-friendly standards, refrain from promoting obscenity and violence, avoid spreading rumors, refrain from disturbing national unity and independence, and abstain from endorsing goods and services prohibited by law.

Chairman Humagain urged the public to be vigilant about these regulations, warning of legal consequences for non-compliance. He also revealed that the government has been requested to incorporate appropriate provisions through the upcoming Social Media Management Act.

Bhuwa KC, Chairman of the Film Development Board, echoed the sentiment, advocating for mandatory participation of Nepali artists in hoarding boards and other advertisements. He expressed concern about actors facing legal issues when unknowingly participating in advertisements that violate the law and stressed the need for greater awareness and compliance within the industry.