New NYC Council bill would reward NYers for calling in illegal parking complaints

NYPD officer writing parking ticket in New York. Photo Courtesy: Shutterstock via New York Daily News

Kathmandu: New York City is mulling a policy that would effectively deputize people who call in complaints about cars illegally blocking bike lanes and intersections — and pay them up to $44 for each actionable tip they make.

As reported by the New York Daily News, the policy proposal, which is laid out in a bill from Councilman Lincoln Restler (D-Brooklyn), would empower the city’s Transportation Department to enlist civilians to flag parking scofflaws, who could then be subjected to fines of up to $175.

Each legit tip would then result in a 25% cut of “any proceeds collected as a result” of the process, according to the City Council’s website.

Violations would be adjudicated through the city’s Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings.

The bill would require the city’s Department of Transportation to create a civilian reporting program where eagle-eyed observers could submit complaints as well as evidence of alleged violations. The Transportation Department would, in turn, bring the proceedings before OATH using the evidence submitted.

(News Source: New York Daily News)