New height of Everest is 8848.86 meters

Photo Courtesy: Department of Survey

Kathmandu: The new height of Everest has stood at 8848.86 meters.

In a joint meeting between Nepal and China on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Pradip Gyawali and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made the new height of Mount Everest public through a joint virtual ceremony between the two countries.

Nepal has made public the new height of Mount Everest measured for the first time using its own resources and manpower. According to a survey conducted two years ago, the height of Mount Everest has been made public after discussions at the level of China’s technical and steering committee.

During Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal last year, it was agreed to jointly declare the height of Mount Everest. The height of Everest has been measured using both modern and traditional methods.

Earlier, India had measured the height of Mount Everest in 1954. Nepal has recognized the height of 8,848 meters measured at that time. The United States measured Mount Everest in 1999 and China in 2005.

The United States measured 8,850 meters, while China measured 8,844 meters. According to Chinese measurements, only the height of the rock was taken by reducing the snow. This time, Everest is measured with snow surface.