Nepal’s Parliamentary Committee to address concerns over citizens’ deaths in Russia-Ukraine war

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Kathmandu: Expressing deep concern over the tragic deaths of Nepali nationals in the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, the State Affairs and Good Governance Committee under the House of Representatives is gearing up for a comprehensive discussion on the matter.
The parliamentary committee deems the loss of lives of citizens from a non-participating nation in the war as a grave issue. Chairman of the committee, Ramhari Khatiwada, conveyed the committee’s intent to deliberate on the matter by summoning relevant government agencies to provide insights into the situation.

The committee has initiated a comprehensive inquiry, focusing on questions such as the recruitment process of Nepalis into the Russian army, responsibility for their involvement in the war, repatriation of the deceased individuals’ bodies, relief and compensation measures for their families, and plans for the reintegration of recruited individuals into society.

The government has confirmed the death of 11 Nepali nationals in the Russia-Ukraine war, but there are indications that the actual number of Nepalis who joined the Russian army and lost their lives could be higher. Despite requests from the Nepali side, the bodies of the 11 deceased individuals have not been repatriated.

The parliamentary committee’s discussions aim to address the complexities surrounding the involvement of Nepali nationals in the conflict, seeking accountability, and proposing measures to address the concerns of the affected families.