Nepal’s literacy rate reaches 77.4%

Kathmandu: Nepal’s literacy rate has reached 77.4%, as revealed by the Nepal Living Standards Survey 2022/23. This marks an increase from the 76.3% literacy rate reported in the previous national census conducted in 2078 BS.

Gender disparities in literacy rates are evident, with males showing a higher literacy rate at 85.8% compared to females at 70.1%. Among the population aged 15 years and above, the literacy rate stands at 72.5%, with males at 82.9% and females at 64.1%, according to the latest statistical data.

The first Nepal Living Standards Survey conducted in 1995/96 reported a literacy rate of 35.6% among the same age group. Over the years, significant progress has been made in enhancing literacy levels across the country.

Regionally, Gandaki Pradesh exhibits the highest literacy rate at 83.4%, while Province 2 shows the lowest at 68.3%. Bagmati Pradesh tops in female literacy rates with 76.8%, contrasting with Province 2’s lowest literacy rate of 59.9%. In terms of male literacy rates, Gandaki Pradesh leads with 91.3%, while Province 2 reports 77.9%.

Urban areas, particularly in the Kathmandu Valley, show the highest literacy rates with 89.6%, with male literacy at 94.7%. Conversely, rural areas in Madhesh Pradesh have the lowest literacy rates at 62.9%, where only 53.7% of females are literate, as per the findings of the Nepal Living Standards Survey.