Nepal’s A division clubs did not get AFC license, not to participate in the competition

Kathmandu: Nepal’s A Division football clubs have been disqualified for AFC club licenses.

Thirteen clubs in Nepal’s top division had applied for licenses. But the AFC has rejected the application. This means that none of Nepal’s top clubs will be able to compete in the football tournament organized by the AFC in 2021.

According to the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA), the AFC has rejected the applications of 13 A Division clubs of Nepal for 2021 as none of the clubs could meet the criteria. Saraswati Youth Club, which was relegated to B Division League last season, was not included in the club license application process.

ANFA has rejected the offer of the club for the new season 2021 AFC club competition, saying that the AFC did not meet the criteria. Last year, the AFC fined ANFA for wrongly obtaining a club license.

AFC’s First Instant Body (FIB) has decided not to issue a club license on the basis of Nepali club documents.

Nepali clubs will not be able to play in the AFC tournament without a club license.

The AFC also commended the Army’s commitment and efforts to the departmental Army Club, which has come close to the A-licensing process.

The AFC has set a five-point criteria for club licenses, including 19 auxiliary points. Contracts for club licenses include the club’s own stadium, youth team, academy, player’s hostel, training ground, players, coaches and officials. A similar legal process must have been completed. The club should also have an annual budget, audit report and a certificate of tax payment.

As Nepali clubs do not have their own grounds and youth academies, A division clubs are still not fully professional.