Nepali workers to secure opportunities in Romania: 20,000 visas approved for 2024

Kathmandu: Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security, announced that a remarkable 20,000 Nepali workers will have the opportunity to work in Romania in the year 2024. This decision follows the recent signing of a bilateral labor agreement between Nepal and Romania in Asoj (mid-September to mid-October).

The announcement was made during a program held in Kathmandu on Thursday.

This move comes after 55 years of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Romania, solidifying Romania as an attractive and secure destination for Nepali workers, offering significant potential in the labor market.

The agreement ensures that Nepali workers in Romania will have access to social security benefits comparable to those enjoyed by Romanian citizens. The government believes that this arrangement will prove highly advantageous for the large number of Nepali individuals seeking promising employment opportunities.

As Nepal continues to explore and expand its international labor market partnerships, the agreement with Romania stands as a noteworthy milestone, promising a brighter future for thousands of Nepali workers in the years to come.