Nepali workers stranded in Qatar rescued

Representative photo

Kathmandu (Rashtriya Samachar Samiti): Four workers stranded in Qatar without money to buy air tickets have been rescued at the initiative of the Nepali Embassy and the Non-Resident Nepali Association, Qatar.

Bikas Shahi from Bajura, Asmita Lama from Kathmandu, Mohan Poudel from Bhojpur and Uday Kumar Yadav from Mahottari have been sent to Nepal by the association after they lost their jobs in Qatar.

According to Santosh Chhetri, spokesperson of the association, Shahi and Yadav arrived in Kathmandu on a Nepal Airlines flight at 9.00 am on Friday. Lama and Poudel had returned to Nepal on August 17. “Legal arrangements were made by the embassy. The association manages the air ticket and sends them home,” Chhetri said in a telephone interview.

Shahi, who left for Qatar six months ago, said he had to leave work and return to Nepal due to health reasons. “I worked for the first two months, then fell sick,” he said. “After the company refused to send me, I came to Nepal with the help of the embassy and the NRNA.” He says that the NRN has made an unforgettable contribution by helping in the crisis. Shahi said that he went to his birthplace Bajura after landing in Kathmandu.

The association has said that many stranded workers have been rescued and assisted since the outbreak of the covid-19 epidemic. Spokesperson Chhetri said that the rescue operation was being carried out in coordination with the Nepali embassy. A large number of Nepali workers lose their jobs abroad during the epidemic.

The National Coordinating Council of the association of Qatar has formed a rescue committee to help the Nepali workers with their problems. “The association will help any Nepali who is in trouble,” said spokesperson Chhetri.