Nepali government offices mandatory to use only local products

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply has issued a circular to the subordinate offices to use only domestic products.

In order to effectively implement the directive 2071 on the use of local products in public offices, the ministry has issued a circular on Friday, requesting all levels of government, ministries, commissions and public offices to use indigenous products compulsorily.

According to the circular, it is mandatory to use Nepali products in hospitality and tea lunches organized by offices and commissions under the ministry.

Similarly, when purchasing goods such as stationery, furniture and machinery tools for their own use, public offices should purchase all Nepali products as long as they are available and if they are not available, they should purchase at least 50 percent local goods.

According to the Ministry of Public Procurement, Nepali goods must be purchased even if the goods produced in Nepal are 15 percent more expensive than foreign stuffs.