Nepal Telecommunication Authority issues warning to ISPs regarding TikTok ban

Kathmandu: In a stern move, the Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has issued a warning to internet service providers (ISPs), threatening punitive measures if they fail to comply with the ban on the popular social network TikTok. The NTA’s directive comes in response to a decision made by the Council of Ministers on Monday, emphasizing the need to shut down TikTok due to its perceived negative impact on social harmony and the overall social environment.

The NTA, through an official notice issued on Tuesday, instructed ISPs to promptly implement the decision made by the Council of Ministers. The notice also underlined the legal obligations of ISPs to follow the instructions/orders of the authority, citing Section 47 of the Telecommunications Act, 2053 BS, as the basis for potential punitive actions.

The Council of Ministers, during its Monday meeting, concluded that TikTok posed a threat to social harmony, prompting the decision to impose a ban on the platform. Despite the decision, some ISPs are reportedly still allowing access to TikTok on their networks. The NTA has explicitly instructed these service providers to cease access immediately, citing the Telecommunications Act, 2053.

The NTA notice states, “It is the duty of the service provider to comply with the directives/orders of the authority, and failure to adhere to such directives/orders may result in action being taken by the authority under Section 47 of the Telecommunications Act, 2053, including possible legal proceedings. All concerned are hereby informed of this, including the time when enforcement actions may be taken.”

The NTA’s warning underscores the gravity of the situation, signaling a firm stance against non-compliance with the government’s decision to ban TikTok. ISPs are urged to act swiftly to avoid potential legal consequences as outlined in the Telecommunications Act. The NTA’s move reflects the ongoing efforts to regulate online content and maintain social harmony within the country.