Nepal takes initiation to connect GBIA with Myanmar

Kathmandu: Nepal has started an initiative to operate a direct air service from Yagun, the capital of Myanmar, to Gautam Buddha International Airport located in Bhairahawa.

According to the Nepal Tourism Board, if there is a direct flight from Myanmar, a country with a majority of Buddhists, the number of tourists will increase in Lumbini and the air traffic will also increase in Gautam Buddha Airport.

On Tuesday, the board held a high-level discussion in Kathmandu with stakeholders including the Myanmar ambassador to Nepal and the Nepalese ambassador to Myanmar, high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, officials of the Lumbini Development Fund and the executive head of Myanmar National Airlines.

In the discussion, the Nepali assures necessary assistance to operate flights in GBIA-Myanmar route. Nepal has requested the Myanmar team to proceed further with the process.