Nepal slipped one spot down in the FIFA rankings

Kathmandu: Nepal has slipped one spot down in the new rankings released by FIFA, the apex body of the world.

In the new rankings released by FIFA on Friday, Nepal has dropped one spots down to 171st position. Nepal had played two international friendly matches against Bangladesh in November.

But Nepal lost the first game with 2-0 score and the second game was a goalless draw. Nepal had lost the two-match series 1-0. Bangladesh, which win over, improved three places to 184th position.

Nepal ranks third among South Asian nations after India and Maldives. In Asia, Nepal is ranked 34th position.

India, which has improved four places, has risen to 104th position, while Maldives is still in 155th position. Bhutan is still in 189th position and Pakistan is still in 200th position. Sri Lanka is still in 206th place.

There has been no change in the top six of the world rankings, while Mexico and Italy have entered the top ten. Similarly, Croatia and Colombia are out of the top ten. Belgium remains at the top while world champions France are second, Brazil third, England fourth, Portugal fifth and Spain sixth.

Argentina jumped one place to seventh, while Uruguay dropped one place to eighth. Mexico and Italy, which improved two places, are in ninth and tenth place respectively. Croatia dropped two places to 11th and Colombia dropped five places to 15th.

Japan ranks 27th among Asian nations.