Nepal reaches semi-final of ACC Premier Cup

Kathmandu: Nepal is going to play against Kuwait in the semi-finals of the ACC Premier Cup.

Today Thursday, in the match held at Mulpani Cricket Ground, Kuwait defeated Hong Kong and became the runners-up of Group ‘B’ and will play against Nepal in the semi-finals.

Today, Nepal became the winner of Group ‘A’ by defeating Qatar in the match held at the University Cricket Ground.

Similarly, in another semi-final, UAE, the winner of Group ‘B’, will play against Oman, the runner-up of Group ‘A’.

Both semi-final matches will be played on Saturday. The match between Nepal and Kuwait will be held at TU Cricket Ground and the match between UAE and Oman will be held at Mulpani Cricket Ground.

The final will be held on Monday at the TU Stadium.

The winning team of the tournament will be allowed to play in the Asia Cup in Pakistan next September.