Nepal Police reports lower crime incidents but increase in road accidents during Tihar festival

Kathmandu: The Nepal Police has disclosed that, aside from sporadic incidents during the Tihar festival, criminal activities across the country remained below the ‘normal’ threshold.
According to the police this year’s Tihar witnessed fewer criminal incidents compared to previous years, although road accidents showed an increase.

Overall, there was no significant surge in criminal activities throughout Tihar. While minor incidents occurred, there were no major ‘gang fights’ as observed in the past.

However, it is noted that the number of road accidents is presumed to have risen this time, and the exact statistics will be released in the next few days.

Notably, there were some significant fire incidents during Tihar, and a higher number of individuals were apprehended for involvement in gambling activities compared to previous years.

Since Tihar celebrations continue until today (Thursday), and data collection is ongoing nationwide, comprehensive details on Tihar events will be available within the next day or two.