Nepal Police issue warning against online delivery fraud; urges public vigilance

Kathmandu: Nepal Police have issued a public advisory urging caution against a group of fraudsters orchestrating scams under the guise of online goods delivery.

The police reported that unsuspecting victims have been defrauded of significant sums of money through these fraudulent schemes.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Kuber Kadayath, the spokesperson for Nepal Police, emphasized the need for public awareness.

He cautioned individuals to exercise prudence and refrain from making online payments unless the delivery of ordered goods is confirmed.

“In recent times, there has been a surge in complaints regarding fraud, where goods are advertised on social media platforms. Customers are coerced into making advance payments, only to have their accounts blocked without receiving the promised deliveries. Hence, it is crucial for people to proceed with online transactions only after verifying the authenticity of the relevant page or account,” stated DIG Kadayat.

The police have observed a concerning trend where fraudulent activities involve advertising non-existent goods on social media, leading to financial losses for victims. To combat this, law enforcement authorities have urged the public to promptly report such incidents to the Kathmandu Valley Crime Division in Minbhawan or their respective district police offices.

This cautionary message comes in response to a growing number of incidents involving online fraud, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and due diligence in online transactions. The Nepal Police are actively working to address these issues and encourage citizens to collaborate in reporting any suspicious activities. Stay informed and stay vigilant.