Nepal police arrested fake officers of inland revenue department

Kathmandu: The police has arrested eight people who were pretending to be officers of Inland Revenue Department and collecting money from others in the name of charge.

The police informed that the investigation is going on against them for cheating and non-committal offences.

They, who are in government uniform, have been monitoring different places by changing their identity for a few days.

They visited small and big shops, sidewalk shops, restaurants, hotels and other places in the new bus park area and collected taxes.

They used to carry government uniforms, revenue ID cards, receipts, etc. for monitoring.

They have been doing such activities in the new bus park area for four days.

But on the fourth day last Friday afternoon, the police got the news that suspicious people were monitoring and collecting money.

After receiving the news, a team from Maharajganj police circle reached their place. Even the police were shocked when they saw the government uniform and ID card.

But according to information, when they were interrogated, it was revealed that they were cheating. Then the police arrested them.