Nepal improve its place in internet quality ratings

Kathmandu: Nepal has improved its mobile broadband quality by one place. According to Okla’s Speedtest Global Index, a monthly report, Nepal has risen one place to 115th position.

According to the index, Nepal’s mobile broadband internet has a download speed of 18.42 Mbps, an upload speed of 11.62 Mbps and a latency of 31 milliseconds.

According to the same report, the quality of fixed broadband has also improved in December compared to mobile broadband internet. It has risen five places to 115th position in fixed broadband.

According to the index, the average download speed of Nepal’s fixed broadband internet is 24.05 Mbps, average upload speed is 22.46 Mbps and latency is 13 milliseconds.

But according to the index, Nepal’s download, upload and latency capabilities are all below the standard average.

Only the top 37 countries in terms of mobile broadband have met this standard. Similarly, only the top 42 countries have met this standard for fixed broadband. But Nepal has not been able to meet the standards in both broadband.