Nepal govt plans to establish innovation fund for IT sector

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Kathmandu: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has announced plans to establish an Innovation Fund through the government’s policies, programs, and budget for the upcoming fiscal year. This initiative aims to bolster the information technology sector, fostering growth and innovation.

Speaking at an event commemorating the 7th National ICT Day, PM Dahal highlighted the groundwork being laid for the formulation of necessary laws to support the establishment of the Innovation Fund.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of communications and information technology in driving economic and social transformation, the Prime Minister underscored the government’s commitment to facilitating the engagement of young scientists in the IT sector to generate income.

PM Dahal reaffirmed the government’s dedication to integrating and effectively implementing the ‘Startup Program,’ with a specific focus on empowering youth.

He stressed that embracing information technology as a leading factor is essential for achieving prosperity, development, good governance, and employment opportunities. PM Dahal urged all stakeholders to expedite development efforts in the communications and information technology sector to uplift the lives of the common people.

“The government is resolutely working towards crafting necessary policies and legal frameworks to promote the development, expansion, and secure utilization of information technology,” PM Dahal stated.

Addressing concerns about the escalating incidents of cybercrime, the Prime Minister assured that the government would take stringent legal and policy measures to curb such activities and ensure cybersecurity.

PM Dahal’s announcement signals the government’s commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the information technology sector, paving the way for economic progress and societal transformation. Stay tuned for further updates on this initiative.