Nepal govt plans for promoting 3 cricket stadiums as national pride projects

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Kathmandu: In a landmark decision, the government of Nepal has taken a giant leap forward in the realm of sports infrastructure by greenlighting the construction of three cricket stadiums as part of a prestigious national pride project.

During the official announcement following Thursday’s Cabinet meeting, Minister for Communication and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, revealed that the government is set to embark on the construction of cricket stadiums in strategic locations.

The identified sites include Biratnagar in Morang, Mulpani in Kathmandu, and the Bharatpur Cricket Stadium in Chitwan.

Minister Sharma emphasized the significance of these projects, branding them as endeavors of national pride.

She highlighted the government’s commitment to prioritizing the development of cricket stadiums, citing Nepal’s burgeoning potential in the sport.

This ambitious initiative is poised to not only enhance the sporting landscape but also showcase Nepal’s dedication to fostering excellence in cricket on the national stage. Stay tuned for further details on this groundbreaking development.