Nepal govt greenlights National Vocational Training Center for skilled manpower development

Kathmandu: In a recent development, the government has taken a significant step towards addressing the demand for skilled workers in both national and international markets.

During the Cabinet meeting held on November 9, the approval was granted for the establishment and operation of the National Vocational and Skill Development Training Center, as per the Order of 2080 BS.

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MoLESS) has formed a committee to oversee this initiative.

The primary goal of this newly established institution is to produce skilled, competitive, and entrepreneurial manpower.

Previously, private entities were responsible for teaching skills to workers, but now this institution will take on that role.

It has been entrusted with the task of conducting and managing various training programs to ensure the production of skilled professionals in line with the demands of the national and international labor market.

The responsibilities of the institution include identifying and selecting training subjects based on labor market demand, approving and implementing training curriculum and standards, conducting skill tests, grading, and certifying training programs.

Additionally, the institution will handle registration, listing, monitoring instructions, and coordination with external training provider organizations.

It is also tasked with facilitating the recognition of the institute’s training by international organizations, coordinating with domestic employer companies, destination countries, training providers, and other organizations involved in training.

The National Vocational and Skill Development Training Center is set to conduct professional and skill training programs over a six-month period.

The institution will play a pivotal role in curriculum preparation, skill training, skill testing, and certificate issuance. The Order, approved by the Council of Ministers meeting, is expected to be published in the Nepal Gazette and implemented in the near future.