Nepal govt announces establishment of ‘Shree Pashupati Hindu University’ in Kathmandu

Kathmandu: The government is all set to establish the ‘Shree Pashupati Hindu University’ in Gothatar, Kathmandu. This university, with a focus on advancing research and exploration in Hinduism, will be situated on land owned by the Pashupati Area Development Trust.

On Sunday, the Shree Pashupati Hindu University Establishment Preparation Committee presented its conclusive report to the Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation. Minister Sudan Kirati, upon receiving the report, emphasized that the establishment preparations have been made with a deep understanding of the profound significance of Pashupatinath and Hinduism. He mentioned that the goal is to have the university operational by the year 2081 BS.

The fundamental idea behind the Shree Pashupati Hindu University is to promote the global importance of Hindu philosophy, utilizing it as a means of cultural diplomacy and to enhance the tourism industry.

Dr. Jagman Gurung, the coordinator of the committee and a cultural expert, urged the government to address legal procedures promptly to facilitate the establishment of the university. He highlighted that the university will serve as a platform for further exploration of orientalism and culture.

The committee, formed during a ministerial-level meeting on April 26, has been actively working towards the realization of this significant academic institution dedicated to the study and dissemination of Hindu philosophy.