Nepal declares Orange as national fruit

Kathmandu: Nepal government has officially designated the orange as the nation’s official fruit. The decision was made during a recent Cabinet meeting held on Friday, following a proposal put forth by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development.

Rekha Sharma, Minister for Communication and Information Technology, confirmed the decision, highlighting the significance of the orange in Nepali agriculture and its widespread popularity among the populace. The declaration of orange as the national fruit underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing production and promoting the agricultural sector’s growth.

Orange cultivation holds a special place in Nepal’s agricultural landscape, with several renowned areas across the country known for their high-quality produce. By bestowing the title of national fruit upon the orange, the government aims to stimulate further growth in production and elevate the status of this beloved fruit within the national agricultural agenda.

The decision to declare orange as the national fruit is expected to provide a boost to local farmers and agricultural communities, encouraging investment and innovation in orange cultivation. Furthermore, it aligns with broader efforts to diversify and expand Nepal’s agricultural output, contributing to food security and economic development initiatives.