Nepal celebrates 74th National Democracy Day


Today marks the 74th National Democracy Day, with celebrations taking place across the nation through various programs and events.

In the heart of the capital, a special ceremony unfolded at the Nepal Army Pavilion Tudikhel this morning, organized by the government to commemorate this significant day in the country’s history.

National Democracy Day holds profound significance as it commemorates the struggles and sacrifices of the Nepali people against the 104-year-old Rana oligarchy. The relentless efforts of the people led to the historic people’s movement, compelling the Rana oligarchy to bow down and declare democracy in the country in 1951.

The journey towards democracy was solidified with the formation of a government that included representatives from the Nepali Congress and the Ranas. This pivotal moment came with the proclamation of then King Tribhuvan, expressing support for the democratic transition.

As the nation reflects on its democratic journey, various programs are being organized to honor the sacrifices made by the people and to celebrate the enduring spirit of democracy in Nepal. The 74th National Democracy Day serves as a reminder of the resilience and determination that paved the way for a democratic regime in the country.