Nepal begins process of placing its own satellite in space

Kathmandu: Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) has taken forward the process of placing satellites in space as part of the government’s policy of installing its own satellites in space within the next two years.

NTA has stated that the process of regulation and security of ground satellite installation, legal structure, framework, business structure, technical requirements and preparation of bid documents has been taken forward.

NTA further informed that the letter of intent has been sought for the appointment of an international level consultant for the technical work including preparation of the entire policy.

As per the authority, international company will be selected on the basis of competition from the consultants who have submitted the letter of intent and the company will carry out the basic work related to the installation of the satellite.

The government is planning to set up its own satellite as the use of foreign satellites will be sensitive to the national security of the country.

The government has also brought the Ground Satellite Policy, 2020 for the establishment of ground satellite.

With the establishment of satellite, the contribution of digital sector to the country’s GDP will further increase in coming future. Access to broadband internet services and broadcasting services will be ensured to the people of remote and remote geographical areas.

With the establishment of the satellite, the process of becoming a party to the treaties and conventions related to space will be taken forward. Along with the establishment of satellite, an effective communication mechanism will be provided to assist in the weather forecasting and disaster management activities of the country.

He informed that the Nepal Telecommunication Authority will make arrangements for the operation and management of the satellite unless there is a separate institutional arrangement.