Nepal army rescued a man hanging on transmission line in Kakani

Kathmandu: A person who climbed the transmission line of Trishuli III Ain Kakani village of Nuwakot has been rescued after about eight hours.

The rescue team of the Nepal Army’s Ranger Battalion took him under control at the transmission line and dropped him down.

Maila BK of Belkotgadhi Municipality-12, who had climed the Trishuli-Matatirtha transmission line at Kakani Gaonpalika-7 at around 11 am on Saturday, had been hanging on the transmission line wire all day.

Nepal Police, Armed Police Force and locals tried unsuccessfully to derail him.

Trishuli IIIA and other small hydropower plants near it were shut down after the man hung on the transmission line all day.

Nepal Electricity Authority informed that the transmission line was cut off for about eight hours due to the risk of accidents.

This has caused a million rupees lost to the government.