NEB announces SEE Results

Kathmandu: The National Examination Board (NEB) has released the results of this year’s Secondary Education Examination (SEE). Out of the 444,785 students who took the exam, only 47.86 percent passed. Among these, 186 students achieved a perfect GPA of 4.0, making 242,920 students eligible to advance to Grade 11.

The NEB reported that 52.14 percent of the examinees were classified as non-graded (NG) due to a new policy implemented this year. This policy mandates that students must score at least 35 percent in the theoretical (written) portion of each subject to avoid being ungraded.

These results were published in line with the guidelines of the Letter Grading Guideline-2078 BS for students who took the SEE exam under the new syllabus for the first time. The announcement, initially planned for Wednesday, was postponed to today due to technical issues.

In total, 467,000 students participated in the regular SEE examinations, which commenced on March 28, with an additional 21,000 students taking part in the grade increment exams.

The NEB has made the SEE results accessible through various platforms, including websites, SMS, and IVR. The results can be viewed via SMS and IVR using the following codes:

  • Nepal Telecom: Code 1600
  • Swift Technology Pvt Ltd: Code 34455
  • Janaki Technology Pvt Ltd: Code 35001
  • Easy Service Pvt Ltd: Code 34949
  • Akash Tech Pvt Ltd: Code 31003

Additionally, results are available on the websites of the National Examination Board, the Office of the Controller of Examinations, Grade 10, Nepal Telecom, Khalti, Esewa, and Ncell.