Nearly one-third of Nepali businesses lack formal registration, survey reveals

Kathmandu: A recent Nepal Business Survey for the year 2078 BS has brought to light a significant issue, revealing that approximately 32% of business establishments in the country are currently operating without proper registration.

The survey, encompassing 498,058 wholesale and retail establishments, disclosed that only 68% of these businesses are officially registered with government agencies, pointing to potential regulatory challenges.

The comprehensive report further outlined the sector’s workforce dynamics, indicating that 1,130,645 individuals are involved, with 36% being women. The study highlighted that, on average, for every 100 establishments, 146 men and 81 women are employed. Additionally, of the total workforce, 219,551 individuals receive wages and benefits, with 20.50% being women and 60.60% being men.

The survey’s findings underscore the economic landscape’s intricacies, shedding light on operational disparities and revealing the need for enhanced regulatory oversight.