NEA initiates extended load shedding across industries nationwide

Kathmandu: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has initiated extended load shedding of more than 12 hours across industries nationwide.

Following the halt in electricity imports from the open market in India during nighttime since April 1, the NEA has decided to increase load shedding for industries by more than 12 hours. In some areas, load shedding has even extended up to 15 hours. With India’s decision to revise the electricity import agreement in March, Nepal can now only import electricity during daytime from the open market.

This has led to a scarcity of electricity, particularly during nighttime, when it becomes more expensive. Electricity produced from gas, which is more costly than that purchased from the open market, ranges from Rs. 8 to Rs. 10 per unit.

Rather than importing expensive electricity, the NEA has opted to increase load shedding across industries. Industries in the eastern region, including Morang-Sunsari, Birgunj-Simara, Hetauda, Bhairahawa-Butwal, and Nepalgunj, are experiencing more than 12 hours of load shedding daily.