NEA inaugurates data center to transform service delivery

Kathmandu: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has introduced a high-tech data center in Syuchatar, Kathmandu, aligning with global standards and reshaping service provision. This advanced facility, adjacent to the load dispatch center, signifies a significant leap in NEA’s digital capabilities.

Comprising a three-story structure, the center’s ground level monitors Kathmandu Valley’s underground power distribution network, while the first floor houses operational rooms. The top floor hosts the data center itself, equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Kulman Ghising, NEA’s Executive Director, highlighted plans for a private cloud and praised the center’s role in consolidating IT infrastructure. A disaster recovery center in Sunwal, Nawalparasi, adds to data security.

With redundant systems and robust infrastructure, the center ensures uninterrupted operations. Optical fiber links to NEA’s headquarters guarantee connectivity, aiding automation efforts across substations. Funded by government sources, NEA, and the Asian Development Bank, the project signifies a substantial investment in Nepal’s digital future, estimated at Rs 1.4 billion.