NEA decides to blacklist JCB

Kathmandu: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has decided to blacklist China’s Zhejiang-based transformer manufacturer JCB. NEA has decided to blacklist JCB after repeated problems were seen in the company’s power transformer.

In a few days, NEA will recommend the company to be blacklisted in the Public Procurement Monitoring Office.

Power transformers have a large capacity to be placed in the substation. In case of malfunction, there is a problem with the power supply from the substation.

Two transformers of 132/11 KV substation of Baseni in the Bharatpur Metropolitan City of Chitwan were continuously damaged back in October. NEA had to suffer a lot due to the problem that came during the festival.

In addition, about half a dozen other power transformers of the company were found to be faulty.

Nepal Hydro and Electric Company supply JCB transformers in Nepal. It is a government-invested company.