Naubise-Nagdhunga emergency tunnel break through

Kathmandu: The ‘rescue tunnel’ of the Kathmandu – Naubise – Nagadhunga tunnel has been ‘break through’.

According to the road department, the two-kilometer, five hundred and fifty-seven meter long tunnel has got ready.

Even though the tunneling work is over, there is still work to be done.

According to the department, the main tunnel route will also be opened within the next four months. The main tunnel, which is two kilometers and 688 meters long, now has 525 meters left to dig.

The Nagadhunga-Sisnekhola tunnel project has claimed that vehicles will run through the tunnel in next eight months.

After the construction of the tunnel, it is expected that the travel time of Naubise-Thankot road will be shortened by about 30 minutes along with the length of about eight kilometers.