National identity card distribution begins in Chitwan

Chitwan (Rashtriya Samachar Samiti): The District Administration Office has started the process of distributing national identity cards. Khemraj Poudel, Administrative Officer and Information Officer of the office informed that the identity card of the details collected by mid-July, 2016 has already been prepared and the distribution process has been started.

According to him, 4,000 identity cards have already arrived in the district. He informed that the process of distribution has started as soon as the identity card is received. He said that the distribution work has been started from March 17 this year. He said, “The process of distribution of national identity cards has started from March 17. So far, 105 people have taken their identity cards.

He said that since the shape of the eyes was not taken at the beginning, the identity cards were distributed to the people only after taking the pictures of the eyes. “In the initial stage, the retina of the registered client was not taken, so we only put it in our system in the person’s presence,” he said.

He said that the number of people coming to get the card is comparatively less even though the administration office has requested the service recipients to come and get the card by issuing information from the official Facebook page.

Information Officer Poudel said that details are being collected from the administration office for the service recipients who have come to get the new citizenship. He informed that details of 80 to 90 people are being collected daily.

The government has included all the details of the person on the identity card. Three lakh 11 thousand 471 people from Chitwan have so far registered for the national identity card.